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Roy in front of statue of TriggerRoy Rogers and Dale Evans Trivia


  1. What’s Roy’s real name?
  2. What was the first movie Roy and Dale did together?
  3. Who wrote the song, “Happy Trails”?
  4. What was Trigger’s real name? 
  5. What is Roy’s birthday?
  6. Roy liked to joke that his childhood home had been located at the site of second base of what baseball stadium? 
  7. According to an old friend of Roy’s, what did Roy like on pancakes?
  8. What actor hand-made the Rogers Family’s dining room table?
  9. What professional football team asked to make a copy of the giant Trigger statue that stood outside the Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Museum?

The following questions (and answers) were provided by Roy Rogers, Jr.:

Queen of the West, Dale EvansMORE QUESTIONS:

  1. What was the name of Gabby Hayes’ horse?
  2. How many children did Roy and Dale adopt?
  3. What was Dale's birth name?
  4. How many half-hour TV episodes were produced?
  5. Who were the Liberty Horses?
  6. What was Roy's favorite sport activity?
  7. What was Roy's street address in Cincinnati?
  8. What was Roy's pet name for Gabby Hayes?
  9. How many coon hounds did Roy have when he married Dale?
  10. How many brothers did Roy have?
  11. Gabby Hayes had a pet name for Dale, what was it?
  12. What was Roy's favorite meal?
  13. What was Roy's favorite pie?
  14. On what day were Roy and Dale married?
  15. In Roy's early career, he hade a favorite saying, what was it?
  16. What was the name Roy Jr. Was given before he was born?
  17. What career did Dale have before she was in movies?

Click Here for Trivia Answers.